Untold Thoughts – Poetry and Short Stories – by Kerrie Meloche

by Didymus Prime Corporation

he night grew near, and she was alone.  Streetlights reflected off her window panes as Mozart played in the background.  Her large bay window looked out over Manhattan providing her with an amazing view.  Her apartment was painted with soft earth tones that blended nicely with the carpets.  Art work hung from her walls at several different angles; women at garden parties, flowers in a vase, squares with lines of bold colour striking through the center.

A tall slim glass half full of white wine sat on her cherry word coffee table.  She had it placed carefully on a coaster.  Her soft, gentle, hands rummaged through her sketches, looking for her cordless phone.  She finds it and presses two on her speed dial; the local Chinese Restaurant.

Heading over to her mannequins, she stroked the top of her wineglass.  She swirled the liquid and took a sip, while pondering for a moment.  Her eyes gazed at the tall plastic figures, visualizing her next design, while she nibbled on her manicured thumbnail.  They stood there with drapes of fabric wrapped around them; most of the material dragging on the floor.

As she walked down the front steps of her apartment, her hair blew in the wind; all tangled in knots.  It was chilly outside and her shawl was draped loosely around her shoulders.  Looking up she noticed an older man staring.  He stared her down as if they had met before.  Something deep inside her knew he was right.  His bright blue eyes, long ratty blonde hair that sat flat over his shoulders, and a ripped jacket; it was all so familiar.

His cigarette was glowing in the early darkness as he carelessly flicked the bud into a pile of snow; the smoke escaping from his unclean mouth.  He smirked at her, his front left tooth was chipped, and she knew exactly who he was.  He slowly moved in her direction as she quickly turned her head and extended her arm for a taxi, pulling her shawl closer around her at the same time.

My mother laid there helpless, unable to move; petrified for her life.  The tall blonde man had his way with her, and there was no denying it.  She tried to get away, it clearly showed.  Her face was beaten and her clothes were torn. His tooth was chipped, blood was dripping and his jacked was ripped.

“8th Avenue,” she said, her heart racing like a thousand horses.  “Please hurry.”  The cab driver nodded as she slammed the door shut.  Glancing back, she noticed the  man watching her as her taxi pulled away.

Snowflakes formed in the sky, falling gracefully to the ground.  The streets around her were quiet and bare.  Streetlights stood changing colours in the wind.

As the cab pulled up to Central Park, she  opened the door and stepped out onto the glistening sidewalk.  She entered the pub slightly aware of her surroundings.  The lights inside were dim.  The people were crowded around tables with bowls full of Tostitos chips, mugs overflowing with beer, and peanut shells scattered all over the floor.

“Smirnoff Ice, please.”  She asked while sitting down on the stool in front of her.  The bartender popped off the cap and handed her the bottle.  She took a sip of her drink and casually glanced around the place.  The people there seemed to be having a good time.  Some looked as if they were meeting friends from a long time ago, reminiscing about old times.  Others looked as if they were regulars.

Suddenly someone caught her eye.  He was sitting in the back of the bar, alone.  His oversized chair was lost behind tables, beer bottles, cigarette smoke, and excessive noise.  He stared at her with desire in his eyes.  She couldn’t make out his face, it was too dark.  She watched as people would pass by him.  He wouldn’t look up, he wouldn’t even budge.  His eyes were focused on her and only her.  That’s when she noticed he had a drink in his hand; a blue bottle.

As the man walked away, I was too scared to move.  He looked at me differently.  No one ever looked at me that way before.  It seemed dirty and cold.  Wiping the blood away from his mouth he smiled, winking at me as he slowly turned around to head out our door.  Before leaving he grabbed his drink from our cherry wood coffee table; a blue bottle.

She panicked and looked away; breaking the tension.  Her heart started to race as she broke into a sweat.  Frantically stirring in her seat she tried to stay calm; another sip from her Smirnoff Ice.  Taking her last quick glance back toward his dark and mysterious corner she casually stood while leaving the bartender a tip.  His steady glare gripped her sides; sending shivers up her backside.

Stumbling onto the sidewalk, she quickly blinked back her tears.  The wind stung her face as she wrapped her shawl around her, tightening her grip.  The snow continued to fall, causing the roads to be empty and silent.  She headed to the nearest bus stop waiting anxiously for the next bus to pass; each noise she heard made her body flinch.

Headlights suddenly lit up the streets.  Her face glowed in relief.  She stood, caressing her arms as the city bus came to a complete stop; turning the snow to slush.

She stumbled to the back of the bus trying to stay warm.  Another passenger had the window open as he sat near the front.  He was an older man with white hair.  His face was sunken in and he had a lump on his back.  His eyes were full of wisdom, while his smile was crooked and raw.  She watched him sitting here, yearning for someone to talk to.

Finally, the bus brought them back to civilization.  People were getting into taxis, their hands full of bags; Christmas shopping.  Others were closing their stores for the night.  Some were running across the street to meet their loved ones on the other side.


She stood in front of her apartment building, admiring the bright lights.  She turned to see the old man smiling at her from his warm seat on the bus.  Unexpectedly someone bumped into her from behind.  She jumped and quickly turned around, there was no one there, only a woman who had kept walking and didn’t bother to stop,  She watched her turn a corner, her blonde hair thrashing back and forth.

Unlocking her door, she stomped the snow from her shoes.  She quickly entered and relocked the door behind her.  She flicked a switch and smiled, everything was just like she left it.  She walked into her kitchen and placed her keys onto a hook.  She glanced over to see if there were any messages on her machine, there wasn’t.

Hot water filled her tub as she hung her nightgown on the back of the bathroom door.  She sunk into the bubbles and closed her eyes.  The fragrance of lilacs filled the room as she relaxed.  Her stress slowly escaped her body as she lost herself in the warm sensation.  Time slowly ticked away as she let herself soak.  She gently washed her hair, letting it foam in her hands.

Shortly after, she climbed into her single sized bed and turned off her lamp.  She pulled her brown satin sheets to her face and gently stroked her pillow, she was glad to be home.  Her eyes became heavy as she watched shadows on her wall appear and disappear.

It was late in the night when she began to stir.  Her body began to sweat, her arms were being thrown around carelessly, and she kicked  at thin air.  She awoke out of a dead sleep, sitting straight up in bed.  She noticed a strange figure in her doorway, and that’s when her nightmare became reality.

I laid there helpless, unable to move; petrified for my life.  The tall blonde man had his way with me, and there was no denying it.  I tried to get way, it clearly showed.  My face was beaten and my clothes were torn.  His tooth was chipped, blood was dripping and his jacket was ripped.  As the man walked away, I was too scared to move.  He looked at me differently.  No one ever looked at me that way before.  It seemed dirty and cold.  Wiping the blood away from his mouth he smiled, winking at me as he slowly turned around to head out my door.  Before leaving he grabbed his drink from my cherry wood coffee table; a blue bottle.

Excerpt from “Untold Thoughts.”
© 2008, 2012 – Kerrie Meloche – Didymus Prime Corporation – All rights reserved.