What If… A Woman, A Pen, and Life Again – by Gayle McCain

by Didymus Prime Corporation

nne, it’s about whether you believe in yourself…  There were lots of times in my life when have I told myself that I wasn’t beautiful enough to have what I wanted, or thin enough, or loveable enough, or smart enough,” Irene paused a moment before continuing.   “Frankly I might add just plain Not Enough.”

“Until finally one day I realized Not Enough was (and is) a lie.  I looked around at my family and friends, people that I loved whole heartedly, and realized that sometimes they felt like they weren’t enough either.  But I loved them just the way they were, and still do.  And if I could love them ‘warts and all’, then they could love me with all of my supposed flaws.  So I must be okay just the way I was.  The way I am really,” Irene shrugged.

“I realized that I Am Enough, and that the phrase I’m Not Enough is a lie.” Irene stated firmly.  “I started making lists of everything that showed that I Am Enough.  Everything that was good about me.  Everything I liked or somebody else liked,” Irene pulled Anne’s spiral across the table and flipped it open to a new blank page and wrote I Am Enough across the top.  She then began scribbling down things Anne’s best characteristics.

  • You’re funny.
  • You paint well.
  • You’re kind to your kids.
  • You are gentle.
  • You make really great costumes.
  • You give wonderful parties.
  • You are loving.

By the time Irene stopped writing, she had filled an entire page.  Sliding the spiral across the table to her young friend, Irene continued.

“Then I started asking my friends to help me with a list just like this one, and pretty soon it was really long,” tears in her eyes, she smiled across the table.  “And it made me feel great.  In fact it was overwhelming, but I needed to hear these things.  So here you are.  Here is the start of things that tell you that You Are Enough, just the way you are.  Add to this list when ever you think of anything.  You’ll feel better.  Because honey, You Are Enough !

Excerpt from “What If… A Woman, A Pen, and Life Again.”
© 2009, 2012 – Gayle McCain – Didymus Prime Corporation – All rights reserved.