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Kivi and the Lizard People – by Gayle McCain

he Kivi People were happy, gentle, and kind. They solved problems by talking to each other. But one Kivi decided that he wanted a shiny stone that belonged to his friend. So he took it. Little by little, one Kivi at a time, his meanness spread and over time they changed into mean, unkind people. Years later a little boy was having terrible temper tantrums. His mother learned how to help her son and ended up helping everyone. Little by Little. One Kivi at a time.

Available now on iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Kivi and the Lizard People.

App Preview – “Kivi and the Lizard People” – by Gayle McCain
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Finding Home – by Heather Gibbon

ll of us have felt isolated at one time or another. This is a story about one of God’s little creatures who experienced those feelings but was able to overcome them with the help of those who cared. I would like to introduce you to a children’s story about a beautiful fairy child who has lost her ability to find her way home. She comes to befriend two young girls as well as some forest creatures and they end up working together to help the fairy child find what it is that she needs to get home.This is a warm hearted story that is set in a little town called “Fairy Cove”, nestled in a mountainous region surrounded by all the beauty nature could ever hope to offer.

This tale not only takes a child on a wondrous adventure but it also offers life lessons of friendship, teamwork and a strong message about the power of love. These characters serve as positive role models that children everywhere can learn from.For those of us who still believe in magic, this story offers a very real promise of a brighter tomorrow. Others who find it difficult to see past the struggles of daily life, this story will give them that tiny spark of hope that maybe tomorrow will offer a bit more joy than what life has given them.

Synopsis of “Finding Home.”
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