Gayle McCain

Inspired by film, Gayle McCain began her career as a writer almost twenty-five years ago, with a dream, and a passion for words.  That inspiration has now taken shape in a robust collection of fantasy fiction, illustrated children’s books, and self-help publications that reflect McCain’s own metamorphosis as an author – works which have led her on a journey far grander and more powerful than she had ever imagined.  Gayle lives in Overland Park, Kansas, and is the author of Kivi and the Lizard People, Sacrifice, Forest of Mists, and What If, A Woman, a Pen, and a Life Again.

Kerrie Meloche

Kerrie Meloche began writing poetry and short stories when she was a student at Riverside Secondary School in Windsor, Ontario, and is a recent graduate of St. Clair College.  Kerrie’s passion for writing was inspired by her teachers who encouraged her to join the Writer’s Craft program which supports young authors in the Windsor community.  Kerrie is also a talented artist and has displayed her work at the 2012 Walkerville Art Walk. Kerrie lives in South Windsor and is the author of Untold Thoughts, a collection of poetry and short stories.